Holler for Houston. Holler for Beer.

We make a wide variety of delicious beers exclusively for Houston.

Find our beers on tap around town, or come into the brewery and drink them fresh from the tanks!

Our tap room is open:

  • Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday 4 – 10
  • Saturday 12 – 9
  • Sunday 12-7


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What's on tap

Our tap list constantly rotates based on the season, the lunar cycle, and who the Texans’ starting quarterback is. If your favorite beer is out today, chances are you’ll see it again soon, and in the meantime you’ll find something new to be your rebound.

  • Looyah Milk Stout

    Very dark, moderately roasty Milk Stout with delicate sweetness suggestive of sweetened espresso.

    • ABV: 5.9%
    • IBU: 30
  • Belgian IPA

    IPA with the fruitiness and spiciness derived from the use of Belgian yeast.

    • ABV: 8.2%
    • IBU: 65
  • Dollar Pils Y'all

    Crisp, clean, and refreshing German style Pils showcasing quality malt and hops.

    • ABV: 5.4%
    • IBU: 30
  • Belgian Tripel

    Sweet, rich, malty Abbey-style Tripel

    • ABV: 8.2%
    • IBU: 35
  • ESB

    Full-bodied, malty English-style ale with an aroma of cherries and rich flavors including toffee, biscuit and an herbal hoppiness. A 2017 GABF Bronze medal winner!

    • ABV: 5.1%
    • IBU: 35
  • Belgian Dubbel

    A classic Abbey-style ale, with aromas of toffee and dried fruit, a complex malty body laced with notes of ripe cherries, and a finish of molasses and allspice.

    • ABV: 6.9%
    • IBU: 20
  • Belgian Golden Ale

    A beautiful, flavorful, and effervescent Belgian ale with clove, pear, apricot, and slight bitterness.

    • ABV: 6.0%
    • IBU: 25
  • Hype PA

    A juicy IPA made with loads of Galaxy and Citra hops, bursting with tropical fruit flavor atop a soft mouthfeel and mellow bitterness.

    • ABV: 7.4%
    • IBU: 20ish
  • Romper Rye

    Bitter and crisp Rye Pale Ale.

    • ABV: 5.6%
    • IBU: 40
  • Atchaboy IPA

    A noticeable malt backbone with aromas of tropical fruit and melon.

    • ABV: 7.4%
    • IBU: 80
  • Black Sunshine IPA

    A very complex beer! Features dank, piney aromas owing to generous amount of Simcoe and Centennial hops. Then a big, chocolatey, fruity body gives way to a pronounced bitterness and a roasty finish.

    • ABV: 8.1%
    • IBU: 90
  • Dunkel

    A traditional Munich dark lager. A rich malt bouquet with caramel and chocolate notes, with a mild balancing bitterness. Finish leaves a hint of sweetness on the palate.

    • ABV: 5.3%
    • IBU: 20
  • 20" Blades

    Our Shot Caller barleywine aged in Texas whiskey barrels!

    • ABV: 11%
    • IBU: 72
  • First-Time Homebrew

    A hop-forward strong ale. Aroma is a complex combination of resin and tropical fruit. Flavor is malty and bitter, with a tropical, dry finish.

    • ABV: 7.5%
    • IBU: 70
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