It’s Deeply Personal

Our brewery is our name. Some call us uncreative, some call us egomaniacs. We prefer “committed”. Our name is on our product, so we take it as seriously as we take ourselves (highly seriously).

Why do we do it? Because we feel like it. We used to make other things — lesson plans, TPS reports, Excel sheets that ruled the world — but none of these gave us as much pleasure, or as much alcohol, as making beer. So in January, 2015, we abandoned our adult lives in favor of the much less practical pursuit of beer making.

We worked hard to get qualifications. John got his training from the Siebel Institute in Chicago and Doemens Academy in Munich, and Kathryn brewed and served at Two Henry’s Brewing in Plant City, FL. During that time, we also read several large portions of books on brewing and beer.

With a modest amount of street cred in hand, we set out to build our brewery in Sawyer Yards in the heart of Houston. And after 18 months of permitting, planning, test batching, more permitting, and construction, we opened our doors to a thirsty public in November 2016.

After a GABF win and a Certified Cicerone® achievement in our first year of operation, we’ve been blowing minds and changing lives one pint at a time. Check out our Tap List to see what’s currently on and what we’ve had in the past (FOMO alert), or better yet, visit the taproom for the full experience!


Mon - Sat: 12pm - 10pm
Sun: 12pm - 7pm


2206 Edwards Street, Suite A
Houston, TX 77007